Me. Me. Me.

Hello there. Let me introduce myself.

I’m a Berlin based music expert, who lived through the city’s electronic music explosion and lived to tell the tale. I create content and bring audiences together. I write about travel and music. I also work with brands to help them connect with people like you and me. I’m a copywriter and general wordsmith – and love making stories, while living them.

After working doing time with !K7 Records and Beatport I went on to establish a new English music publication called DJBroadcast. As chief editor I dictated the direction for the outlet’s musical narrative while keeping an eye on cultural trends. In 2015 I launched the publication’s first international, English print magazine.

During this period, I also set up Its Bigger Than, a series of events that brought social awareness to the city’s clubbing scene, combining my desire to bring a greater social awareness to the music community. Over three years we raised money for various projects that worked with Syrian refugees.

I’ve also been a regular feature at Amsterdam Dance Event, moderating panels and interviewing key figures on site for the festival’s publication, in addition to working as a consultant for various key brands and agencies.  But hey, there’s more to me than just music. Why don’t you get in touch and find out more?


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