Over the past three years I worked with the following agencies- Blueprint Media, Protein and Studio AIRPORT – to create content for branded activations.

Sonos Studio Amsterdam
During Amsterdam Dance Event, I solicited and contributed content for the brand’s mini-site, working with the artists who were performing to produce interviews and insights for the client’s audience.

Sonos StudioPalladium
Helped conceive, create and edit the Palladium Explorers Series. A project in which a team of journalists were sent across Europe to discover underground, niche cultural goings-on. A series of online articles and videos were published,alongside a stunning, 200-page one-off magazine.

DJBroadcastAmsterdam Dance Event
Over the past three years I have been producing and editing content for Amsterdam Dance Event’s website and live-blog, and acted as editor-in-chief for the festival’s on-site magazine. I’ve also chaired various panels and let my tongue loose during opion based discussions.

image: Henri Blommers

image: Henri Blommers

Jägermeister NL
With Protein, I created a script and setting for three, Dutch tastemakers to engage in an Instragram experience in Berlin. Touching upon the Berlin stereotypes and cultural agencies that make the city unique, I teamed the tastemakers up with their Berlin counterparts, and researched locations for filming and shooting.

The Taste Of: Rochelle from Jägermeister NL on Vimeo.

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