DJBroadcast Magazine

In 2015 I launched a new print publcation for DJBroadcast. The DJBroadcast Collection was a high-quality, excellently designed music magazine, printed across 192 high-quality format pages. Whilst the first edition focused on the festival scene, the second edition was centred around our lust for travel. Teaming up with Palladium we brought together various European centres and told their story through the lens of music culture.

“The concept of urban exploration took us across eight pivotal European cities. We tasked two seasoned trailblazers to document the changing nature of Europe’s vibrancy in a series of rough guides, outlining the little things that add up to the bigger picture. Starting in Lyon, the artsy capital of French underground music, DJBroadcast then visited Bristol, Hamburg, Antwerp, Florence, Budapest, Copenhagen, and Istanbul. In each city we were met by local tastemakers who guided us around, instilling us with the local way of life and pointing us in directions that many may have missed.

DJB_161215_double (dragged) 4“Think of this less as a guide about travel and more as one about music and artistic culture, told through the lens of an explorer. Along the way we discovered Belgium’s first eco-friendly nightclub, built between two railway tracks; we found out that Istanbul has a thriving dubstep scene and that the kids in Florence are more into Brazilian cumbia than techno. We spoke to local DJs, labels and, of course, spent a good amount of time in some very excellent record shops.”

DJB_161215 DJB_161215

DJBroadcast was a multi-platform outlet that produced high-quality content on leftfield electronic music and the lifestyles that orbit it, touching on art, contemporary culture and technology in the process.
As editor-in-chief I produced the outlet’s online content, films & documentaries and launched its first international print publication.


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